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ACQUETECH cuenta con la versatilidad para dar solución a cualquier problemática de agua que nuestros clientes puedan presentar, es por ello que no ofrecemos soluciones estandarizadas, todo lo contrario, cada caso es analizado y evaluado detalladamente en nuestro centro de soluciones, de manera que podamos ofrecer un resultado exitoso en base a nuestras tecnologías.

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After the 14 days free trial, you need to choose from any of our paid plans to continue with the services. Anytime you can upgrade to other plans based on your requirements. Our team always available to answer your support questions.

We believe that before purchasing Fame Chat, you should be convinced about its benefits and values to your business.
Fame Chat offers 14 days free trial to use all the available features however, you can purchase commercial plans any time after you signup.

You can upgrade or downgrade the plan anytime. The up gradation will happen instantly once the successful payment is made. However, the down gradation would happen at the end of your billing cycle. You can still continue to use the current plan till the next cycle starts.

Well this is the beauty of Digital applications – as it is very easy to fit into your business with a Digital consultant. User or buyer can change the look and feel of the program and modify specific areas as per their requirement.

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Diagnóstico online gratuito de tus procesos